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Phase 1. Launch

Solution Search prepares to launch a competition and address another critical conservation challenge. The contest assembles partners, judges and other key stakeholders as it nears entry opening.

Phase 2. Enter

Organizations enter a contest showcasing their solution to the given challenge. Entrants provide critical information about their proven successes and how that approach has impacted environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Phase 3. Vote

After an expert judging panel narrows the field to ten, people from around the world can read, analyze and ultimately vote on the submission that they feel best addresses the contest issue. These votes select the winner!

Phase 4. Promote

The celebration begins as winners are announced. But after the confetti settles is when the real change happens. Other communities across the globe will read, understand and work to replicate the solution to address a similar problem in their community.

A Note From Rare CEO, Brett Jenks

"For too long the conservation community has focused on the study and promotion of problems – overfishing, deforestation, species extinction, climate change. Despair makes headlines and desperation fuels fundraising appeals. But naming the problem is very different from sourcing the solution, and fortunately solutions abound. At Rare we advocate the practice of “solutionology”: Find what works and repeat it. With that vision we created Solution Search, to illuminate successful innovations in community-led conservation. This first contest, “Turning the Tide for Coastal Fisheries” certainly met our expectations, and confirmed my belief that solutionology trumps problemology any day. I now hope others not only sense the promise of the winning entries, but also the process of scanning the globe for emerging solutions, debating their merits and working to replicate what works. I encourage you to participate in upcoming Solution Search contests." - Brett Jenks, President & CEO, Rare

When it comes to the environment, we often focus on problems. Instead we need to start asking the simple questions, what’s working and how can we do more of it? That’s exactly what Solution Search does.”

– Dan Heath, Former Rare trustee and co-author of NYT bestseller Made to Stick and Switch

About Rare

Rare is an international environmental organization committed to conservation programs that benefit both people and nature. Rare recognizes that conservation ultimately comes down to people. So, conservationists must become as skilled in social change as in science. Rare specializes in designing and implementing social marketing campaigns to change behaviors of people that live in and around the world’s areas of highest biodiversity. Rare searches the globe for replicable, sustainable environmental success stories and then trains local conservation leaders to develop and market those proven practices in order to protect imperiled species without compromising basic human needs. Visit Rare on the Web at

In 2017, Rare launched The Center for Behavior and the Environment to promote and apply proven insights from behavioral science to tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues. 

In doing this, the Center is spearheading a movement that is as much about nature as it is about people.  

By drawing from the latest research in economics, political science, social psychology, neuroscience and design thinking, and partnering with leading academic and research institutions, the Center for Behavior and the Environment is translating the science of human behavior into practical solutions for conservationists worldwide. 

Solution Search is just one way the world can learn about these promising approaches. Visit Rare’s Center for Behavior and the Environment at