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Climate Change Needs Behavior Change

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Behavior Change in Ecuador

What people eat, what they buy and what they use contributes directly to climate change. Agriculture and land use change is responsible for 27 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions (The Guardian, 2011). In just eight months, humans consume what the earth can sustainably produce in a single year (Global Footprint Network, 2017). At this rate, we are dangerously reducing global natural resource reserves.

With their money and their choices, people vote daily for the ways our global ecosystems are used. If we can better understand the insights behind that decision-making, we can spark widespread change in the way people consume natural resources. 

Changing behavior can be hard – but not impossible. People all over the world are already addressing climate change by changing their behaviors. The problem is, these grassroots solutions often go unnoticed. This is why we are launching a worldwide contest to spotlight, catalog and replicate the most promising of those approaches. 

We are looking for solutions that tackle climate change through changing the ways people cook, eat, dispose of waste, purchase goods and more. What could these solutions look like? 

  • Marketing efforts that successfully increase usage of clean cook stoves -  reducing reliance on burning firewood and deforestation
  • Campaigns that encourage people to buy “ugly” fruits and vegetables – decreasing food waste and the associated agricultural production needs 
  • Organizations that get people excited about products using sustainable and native crops (local trees/plants, sustainable wood, organic agriculture, etc.) – ensuring the long-term supply of goods with less impact on the environment

We are asking the global community: 

How have you promoted changes in human behavior that redesign unsustainable consumer practices and address climate change? 

Answer our call.



Trip to Workshop and Awards Ceremony
Attend a capacity-building workshop and awards ceremony with some of the biggest names in conservation, development and behavioral science
Early Entrant Prize
Awarded to the best entry received by April 21, 2018
Grand Prize
Two prizes, awarded to the Judges' Choice (selected by our panel) and People's Choice (recipient of most votes)
All Entrants
Opportunity to partner with contest partners, judges and Rare’s Center for Behavior and the Environment to expand your solution and the principles on which it relies

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Organization: Solar Sister
Country: United States
Organization: University of Cambridge
Country: United States
Organization: The Kasiisi Project
Country: United States
Organization: RASAI
Country: United States
Organization: Northwest Earth Institute
Country: United States
Organization: Mediae Company
Country: United States
Organization: JouleBug
Country: United States
Organization: 1 Million Women
Country: United States
Organization: Behaviour Innovation
Country: United States
Organization: The Better Buying Lab, World Resources Institute
Country: United States

Contest Requirements

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Context Analysis: Clear description of the challenges and of the context in which it operates and the challenges it faces.
  • Solution: Solution is fully developed, addresses contest question and implemented at some scale.
  • Actions: Clear, concrete steps in implementation. Engaged key partners and stakeholders along the way. Entrant understands how actions could connect to external initiatives as well.  
  • Results: Strong results associated with conservation, climate change and behavior change - and any additional co-benefits, such as economic, food security/nutrition and water.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable solution that can continue into the future.
  • Return on investment: Positive return (financial, social, or other) associated with investment in the solution. Results are reasonable in comparison to the investment.
  • Replicability: Extent to which the solution is could be replicated by other communities

Solution Search is open to all organizations who have a proven solution in working with people to adopt climate-friendly behaviors. While we celebrate innovation by individuals, they are not eligible. Entries will be considered that comply with the following:

  • Applications must be submitted by August 6, 2018, 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to use the prize money to further the solution and organization’s goals.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to comply with all national and international laws governing the transfer of any prizes, monetary or otherwise, across national and international boundaries.
  • Agree to all terms of submission as described in the Terms and Conditions.

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