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Farming for Biodiversity (dev)

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Congratulations to our ten finalists and to our winners! 

People's Choice: Apis Agribusiness (Ethiopia)

Judges' Choice: National Disaster Risk Reduction Centre (Nepal)

Biodiversity Impact: Fundación Ecotop (Bolivia)

Community & Social Impact: Fairventures Worldwide (Indonesia)

Food Security & Nutrition Impact: Desarrollo Alternativo e Investigación A.C. (Mexico)

Water Impact: The Mountain Institute (Peru) 

Unsustainable agricultural practices remain one of the greatest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity. As the global population grows, so too does the demand for food – requiring production increases and potentially even greater impacts on the environment. Widespread land use and agricultural practices must change to reduce these losses. Yet, behavior change in this field is often inhibited by lack of awareness of solutions and of biodiversity’s value for the agricultural sector. 

Solution Search is designed to change that. Some innovative solutions have recently emerged that bring farming in harmony with the natural environments that surround. Some have increased the biodiversity of plants, animals, insects and more on the agricultural land itself. This contest seeks to identify, reward and spotlight those successful approaches. In doing so, Solution Search will also increase awareness of biodiversity, its value and the many ways to conserve and sustainability use/manage it. 

We want you to tell us: How have you promoted changes in human activities (including your own practices) to ensure sustainable harvests/food security while also conserving, strengthening and/or restoring biodiversity on your agricultural lands and/or the surrounding environment?

Examples of potential entries include:

  • Sustainable land use management that integrates the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Alternative pest control practices that reduce toxic run-off into local water sources
  • Organic farming methods that increase soil biodiversity (or other species)
  • Livestock control measures that protect local flora and fauna
  • Innovative approaches that reduce human-animal conflicts in agricultural zones

This Solution Search focuses on behavior changes in agriculture that are primed for broad adoption, not simply those concepts identified in a scientific lab nor those that do not have holistic benefits (farmer, community, nature, water, climate resilience, etc.). 

Top 10 Finalists

Kyla's Kiwis
Hipster Cliffs
Alex's Awesome Apples
Bluth's Bodacious Bananas
Cal's Creative Canteloupes
Donnie's Dippy Dates
Ernie's Efficacious Elderberries


Juan Pablo Bonilla
Juan Pablo Bonilla
Sector Manager, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Inter-American Development Bank


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Organization: Cal's Creative Canteloupes
Country: United States
Organization: Donnie's Dippy Dates
Country: United States
Organization: Ernie's Efficacious Elderberries
Country: United States
Organization: Alex's Awesome Apples
Country: United States
Organization: Bluth's Bodacious Bananas
Country: United States
Organization: Carousel60
Country: United States
Organization: Map Display
Country: Ghana
Organization: Carousel30
Country: United States
Organization: Hipster Cliffs
Country: United States
Organization: CNYW
Country: United States
Organization: Rare
Country: United States
Organization: Kyla's Kiwis
Country: United States

Contest Requirements

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Context Analysis: Clear description of the challenges and of the context in which it operates and the challenges it faces.
  • Solution: Solution is fully developed, addresses contest question and implemented at some scale.
  • Actions: Clear, concrete steps in implementation. Engaged key partners and stakeholders along the way. Entrant understands how actions could connect to external initiatives as well.  
  • Results: Strong results associated with biodiversity conservation and of other co-benefits, such as economic, food security/nutrition, water, and/or climate.
  • Sustainability: Economically sustainable solution
  • Return on investment: Positive return (financial, social, or other) associated with investment in the solution
  • Replicability: Extent to which the solution is could be replicated by other communities

 Solution Search is open to all organizations who have a proven solution in biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices. While we celebrate innovation by individuals, they are not eligible. Entries will be considered that comply with the following:

  • Applications must be submitted by March 10, 2017, 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to use the prize money to further the solution and organization’s goals.
  • If selected as the winner, applicant must agree to comply with all national and international laws governing the transfer of any prizes, monetary or otherwise, across national and international boundaries.
  • Agree to all terms of submission as described in the Terms and Conditions.

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