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Over the past few years, the Borough of Spring Lake, New Jersey has had flooding problems in the Wreck Pond (South end) of the Borough.  After a heavy rain storm, rain water will flow from the West towards Wreck Pond before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.  The current outflow pipe to the ocean is not sufficent to handle the high volume of water.  As a result, the water "backs up" and floods the homes surrounding the Wreck Pond. 

In order the rectify this situation, the Bourough of Spring Lake installed "Sluice gates" to control the water flow.  Dredging of the Pond will take place in the near future and the Borough is working to have an additional outflow pipe from Wreck Pond installed.  The cost of the outflow pipe is estimated to be $4.3 million.  In the meanwhile, if a storm approaches, the Borough now digs a temporary trench to allow the excess rain water for the Pond into the Ocean. 



General Info
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423 Warren Avenue
Spring Lake, New Jersey 07762
United States
Population Impacted: 
Identify the likelihood and frequency of this hazard : 
Any heavy rainfall over a 24 hour period.
Explain how vulnerable the community is to this hazard: 
Homes could be flooded. This has happened three times over the past 8 years.
List the potential affects of this hazard: 
Potential loss of life and damage to homes and property.
Identify how sensitive the community is to these affects: 
Any potential storm causes stress to the residents who live in this area of the Borough.
Preparedness Goal: 
ie - What did you do to reduce this risk?
Implementing Actions: 

List specific activities or specifically what your solution does. 

Actions to rectify this problem are:

1) "Sluice gates" have been installed.

2) Wreck Pond will be Dredged (working with the DEP on this)

3) Working with various government agencies to have an additional on an additional "outflow pipe" from Wreck pond to he ocean installed.

4) Reconstructing the existing coastal dune in this area (Pier Beach).

5) When necessary, having the DPW dig a trench from Wreck Pond to the Ocean to allow additional rain water into the Ocean.

Describe Your Solution: 

Describe your solution. How do these combined actions reduce risk from weather-related disaster impacts?


The actions already discussed on the previous page, should slove this ongoing problem in the Wreck Pond area of the Borough.


The cost of all the actions listed will cost the Borough of Spring Lake in excess of $6.0 million.  However, the value of the homes protected by taking these actions are probablly in excess of  $250 million.  The $6.0 million investment is quite large: however, compared to the potential lossses to the residents, it is definitely worth the cost. 


The Enviormental impact of these projects is extremely important to the residents of Spring Lake.  We are working with out Borough Engineers and the Army Corp of Engineering to minimize any negative impact to the enviorment.


Social impact will be minimal.  All residents are infavor of these projects.

What were the negative or unintended impacts (if any) associated with implementing this solution? : 

To the best of my knowledge, there iwill be no negative impact.

Return on Investment: How much did it cost to implement these activities? How do your results above compare to this investment?: 

Please see "Results" Section for this information.

What are the main factors needed to successfully replicate this solution elsewhere?: 

Working closely with the residents, Borough, and Government  is extremely important to successfully replicate this solution.

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Reducing Our Risk

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