Judge Profile

Pedro Álvarez Icaza L.

General Coordinator for Biological Corridors & Resources, CONABIO (Mexico)
Pedro Alvarez Icaza

For 30 years, he has focused his efforts to support environmental policy and natural resources management in the country, through different governmental institutions in Mexico, the academic sector and civil society.

His main objective is to secure strategic alliances that ensure conserved and diversified landscapes to deliver economic benefits to the communities that inhabit them.

He was General Director of Ecological Ordering and Environmental Impact for the Federal Government and Economic and Social Analysis Coordinator for, the former, SEMARNAP. He also served as General Director for the Natural Resources Commission in Mexico’s City Government. He currently serves as General Coordinator for Biological Corridors and Resources at the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO, Spanish Acronym).

He is an Engineer in Agronomy and fellow of the environmental leaders program from Colegio de México. Expert in environmental policy, master in Sciences of Rural Development and candidate for PhD in Economics, jurisprudence and enterprise for the Public University of Navarra, Spain.

From the academic sector, he has produced and collaborated in diverse research work, among which those related to the theory of the commons and collective action, the social property of land, natural resource management and institutional aspects of environmental management stand out. He has presented several conferences in Mexico and abroad in the subjects related to his work. He has important publications in social and environmental research.